Geronimo: Thank you for joining us @VitalikButterin and @SofiVergarAss we are grateful for this opportunity! I love the creativity with the project! And a lot of people are definitely pumped for the release and this AMA! Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how #ANVS was founded?

@VitalikButterin: Well, we saw a clear path through the shitcoin market and we thought that we could create an actual memecoin with the strong team we have. A funny memecoin that settles in the community as a useful meme for every situation. An old joke after all.

We also thought that by creating different famous characters as alter-egos of ourselves we could create an actual universe around ConquerUranus, with so much potential.

@SofiVergarAss: And you may be thinking “this is just another shitcoin, a scam”. It’s not. That’s how it will look like. But our experience gave us the opportunity to create this in the best way possible: audited and with a real fair launch.

Geronimo: Very fair indeed! I really like your approach to this market, especially with meme coins becoming so trendy the past few weeks with the likes of SAFEMOON and DOGE hype! The space is definitely becoming more risky for newer investors so an audit and a fair launch is a good choice!

@SofiVergarAss: That’s what we thought!

Geronimo: And how did all your experiences transition you into the idea of creating $ANVS? I find that the $ANVS Team is a brilliant idea and reading the Telegram definitely is very funny at times. The personalities are well thought out and I’m curious about the brainstorming behind that.

@SofiVergarAss: Well, our first thought came after a meeting about Uranus. We all thought it’s totally underrated and we said: damn, we need to make Uranus visible to the rest of the world. It’s not hard, because of Uranus’ width, but still, it’s too fart away.

Sorry, we can’t help it. It’s too easy and funny, and that’s the point!! It all started with old time jokes, experienced minds with a simple way of laughing about everything talking about how funny it would be to have a coin called Anvs.

Geronimo: LOL! A very good answer! I see too that Uranus is DEFINITELY UNDERRATED especially with everyone talking about the MOON in this crypto space, why not go to URANUS instead?

@VitalikButterin: We thought about our alter-egos in the same conversation. We talked about all kinds of characters, and we just chose whoever we wanted to use, a personality that we could find ourselves comfortable with and remain anonymous.

And after that, the community just came in. With respect and maturity, these kind of groups on Telegram are really funny, and I might say useful! We all need some laughs at the end of the day, don’t we?


@SofiVergarAss: After the AMA you can take a look at our team!

It is!! And who would want to go to any other planet when we all have URANUS to go deep into it!?!

Geronimo: YES! And URANUS is definitely FARTHER than the MOON. So the vision seems more promising ahahaha

Geronimo: The CONQUER URANUS Telegram group is seriously funny, many of us can agree here by just reading and participating in it! seriously a great laugh unique! Very Creative!


@SofiVergarAss: And I assure you we laugh even more than you do!

Geronimo: I can see the playfulness in ÃNVS and absolutely love it! With the explosion of meme coins in this space recently, I see that $ANVS (lol) is one that others will need to pay attention to. Can you walk us through your ecosystem, brief overview of the $ANVS token, and what’s next.

@VitalikButterin: Of course! Regarding tokenomics, all the ANVS transactions are taxed at a 10% fee where the first 6 % is redistributed to all existing holders, the next 3% is provided as liquidity to the liquidity pool and the final 1% is sent to the Black Hole Vault.

The Black Hole Vault is divided again, the first 50 % is burned, the next 25% will be locked annually and the final 25% will go to the Space Waste Wallet as funds for staking and pools.

The total supply of tokens are 2.543.164.000.000 ANVS. This is the total meters from Earth to Uranus. We thought that would be the perfect distance between Anvs as well ;P

@SofiVergarAss: Uranus will have its own dex platform with liquidity pools, and more stuff like staking and extra stuff that will come really soon.

As a final bonus, all the LP tokens will be locked for 10 years and we will also renounce to Uranus ownership.

And about what’s next… well. Let’s say Uranus is never alone ;)

Geronimo: Very interesting protocol with the BLACK HOLE mechanic! The idea is very good, especially for the sustainability of the project!

Geronimo: LOL a very specific number! I’m glad that is has a reason, and a very good one at that! I hope Earth doesn’t move anytime soon!

@SofiVergarAss: Well, Uranus is always moving! Butt we had to put it somewhere.

Geronimo: Can never go wrong with the butt memes

Geronim: It looks like some great things are coming!
In this meme space, marketing can be quite competitive. What is the direction you guys are going to take with this?


@VitalikButterin: That’s Sofia’s area for sure!

@SofiVergarAss: It is! Thx Vitalik!

We have many ideas regarding the marketing behind Uranus. We have different videos about our characters that will also participate in their own web-series. We have so much content prepared for our alter-egos.

And as a final feature, you will be able to purchase some merchandising in our own online store. As we said, it’s an old joke, it might be funny even for people that does not know anything about crypto!

Geronimo, may I share some of our social networks here? Should I wait till the end?

Geronimo: You can definitely do it right now!

@SofiVergarAss: Thank you darling

Official site:
Reddit: and
And of course our Telegram group, you can join our stupid conversation jajaja

Thank you again!

Geronimo: I would definitely recommend joining the Telegram channel for anyone here who has not yet! Seriously funny!

Geronimo: I like this! It may even expose people to the crypto scene, and raise awareness about it. These jokes are always funny, at least for me. Couldn’t stop laughing at those fart sound effects you guys included in your web videos!


@SofiVergarAss: jajajajaja those farts are THE BEST

Geronimo: They are. In the Star Wars theme song? Or maybe I’m just hearing things

@SofiVergarAss: 20 century fox!!!! Almost!!

Geronimo: AHH!! I knew it was iconic!!

@SofiVergarAss: Siiiiii

Geronimo: No one bully me about my lack of knowledge.
I have seen that longevity for some of these meme coins can be very hard to achieve. I am wondering how Conquer Uranus will approach this problem and reward people who stay with it long term.

@VitalikButterin: We are right now working on the pools!! You can see it here.


One of the best use cases we want to include in the project will be the pools we talked about. There will be some typical (e.g. BNB — ANVS…) and many shitcoins pools. This last idea is one of the best ways to keep the project dynamical, because the holders will be given the chance to use the shitcoins they have on their wallets.

Geronimo: Wow! A bit of sneak peak!

@VitalikButterin: hehehe! oops!


@SofiVergarAss: We are also creating an actual story that will be developed in the next weeks, conquering different planets and fighting a bad guy on each of them. We think this will give the project a more dynamic participation from the community. Did you ever hear about Supermars? We will have to defeat it together!

Besides our own superhero, of course!

Geronimo: Very good! Thank you for the sneak peak for what is to come, cant give away all the secrets.

In unison with the web series, this seems extremely promising! I hope that everyone here is excited as I am about this!

Geronimo: My favorite hero of course.

Geronimo: Nevermind we don’t need him, he can ignore that signal

@SofiVergarAss: Well, he’s not here, but if you use the signal on the Telegram group he will come to your call!!


Geronimo: LOL I will try not to abuse it. Looking briefly into the project, I can see that the project is exploring the NFT side of things, can you give us an overview about this?

@SofiVergarAss: Yes! We already have different NFT-s created. Some will be sold and some others will be given as a reward for the asstronauts that participate in the NFT-s tournaments..

Some NFT-s will also give some amazing discounts on our store!!! If you wanna know more our website will display many of them!!

Geronimo: Very interesting!! Briefly looking at the NFTs it seems that the rewards are quite fair, even sells are rewarded! I guess with the burning mechanism, any transaction is good!

@SofiVergarAss: That’s the thing!!! You can get NFT-s in many ways!


Geronimo: This one is definitely my favourite by far! I hope I don’t get it LOL

@SofiVergarAss: That image has a typo now I see it!! It’s supposed to be the total amount of tokens bought to the pool!

We got it backwards!! But we will change it for sure! Yeah, that’s more our style!

Geronimo: OHHHH LOL I’m glad it was brought up here, would have raised some eye brows!

@SofiVergarAss: Yep!! Thank you!!

Geronimo: I think we managed to clear everything up with the project and I hope everyone got a clear idea of how your ecosystem will work! Definitely big things to come! Before I open the floor up anyone with any extra questions, lastly, are you able to give us some insights on how the project will launch?

@VitalikButterin: We will start by providing liquidity to the pair created on pancake swap. After that, we will receive the LP token, and 1% will be given to the black hole vault.


@VitalikButterin: The LP tokens received after the liquidity will be locked for 10 years, and that 1% will be completely burned.

And of course, this will all be documented in order to show as much transparency as we can. We want this to be a non-shit shitcoin. A memecoin that you can trust in.

Geronimo: Definitely! Transparency is the key to success especially in this volatile market!

Dear Asstronauts, here is the transcript of our first AMA!!! We hope you enjoy it as much as we did the day we did it!





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