First result of our new dynamics, memes and surveys (first week) !!!!

Well Dear Asstronauts,

As we told you, we are going to give you the results of the memes and surveys voting launched last week! (July 5 to July 9)

MEMES Section:

  1. When Lambo??
When Lambo

Vote this meme from 1 to 4, with 1 being the worst and 4 being the best.
1 = 0%
2 = 30.8%
3 = 23.1%
4 = 46.2%

2. That’s a joke!

Tha’s a Joke

Vote this meme from 1 to 4, with 1 being the worst and 4 being the best.
1 = 46.2%
2 = 7.7%
3 = 23.1%
4 = 23.1%

Our Asstronauts have spoken! The first meme launched: When Lambo?? has obtained the best score: 4!!!!

So it will be among the best memes that will be launched along our trip to Uranus!!!

But uyyyy we also have a loser… Our beloved meme of That’s a joke didn’t get a good score… it got a 1…which is the worst score…so YOU ARE OUT LOOSER!!!

SURVEYS Section:

  1. Have you ever been rugged?
    a. No = 0%
    b. Yes = 83.3%
    c. Too many times = 16.7%
    d. I did one = 0%
  2. Since when have you been holding your ANVS?
    a. Since the launch = 80%
    b. < One week = 20%
    c. > One week = 0%
    d. With my first suppository = 0%

The results of our little surveys launched over the past week…they are clear, we like to hear from you Asstronauts and know about your likes, what you have experienced and what you haven’t…we would even love to know how many farts you fart a day…

We see that many of you have had to live a rug… what a shit… never better said, with us, your ANVS are in good hands, we won’t go anywhere without you.

On the other hand we are also happy to see that you have been Holding YOUR ANVS since the launch… WE COULD NOT BE MORE PROUD OF YOU DEAR ASSTRONAUTS!


Remember beloved fellow travelers… we will continue with these dynamics until we get to Uranus, so don’t miss in our social networks the new memes and surveys that we will be launching!

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